Squad update 3.0 – titled Amphibious Assault – has arrived with a new marine forces faction, an extra map, and new features for players to utilise the watery terrain.

Developer Offworld Industries shared that Amphibious Assault is “the largest update released yet” for Squad, and has detailed what has been introduced with the latest patch.

Amphibious Assault brings a new Marine Forces faction, which will “focus on amphibious assault and combined arms tactics”. To do so, Marine Forces comes with seven faction-unique vehicles and five new weapons, including the M16A4 Full Length Rifle, M4 Carbine Rifle, and fragmentation grenade.


Fitting with the Marine Forces’ amphibious playstyle, update 3.0 has made previously impassable rivers and oceans in the game traversable. Several of Squad’s existing vehicles -MTLB APC, BRDM2, BTR80 + BTR82A, BMPO1 IFC, and BMP2 IFV – have been altered to have amphibious capabilities, and five maps (Narva, Albasrah, Skorpo, Fallujah and Goose Bay) have been updated to reflect these new features. Besides these changes, there is also an entirely new map with a larger focus on this update’s theme.

Squad. Credit: Offworld Interactive.
Squad. Credit: Offworld Interactive.

Offworld Industries says the new map, titled Black Coast, “will focus on amphibious power”, and objectives will revolve around defenders trying to prevent invaders from securing a beachhead on the shore.

Update 3.0 went live yesterday (June 22) and also brought several smaller changes. This includes a new training map called Pacific Proving Grounds, new main menu music, and two new vehicles for the Canadian Armed Forces faction.

You can read the full patch notes here, where details on smaller bug fixes and balance updates have been listed.

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