Pusha T performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Friday (June 3), delivering a rendition of ‘Let The Smokers Shine The Coupes’.

During his performance of the song – which features on Pusha T’s most recent album, ‘It’s Almost Dry’ – the Virginia rapper confidently carries his bars as a kaleidoscopic light show flashes overhead. Watch it below.


The performance adds to Pusha T’s late-night circuit run in the wake of his LP release, having performed ‘Dreamin Of The Past’ on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in April.

Both songs are lifted from the rapper’s fourth studio album, a follow-up to 2018’s ‘Daytona’. ‘It’s Almost Dry’ was released in April, and preceded by singles ‘Diet Coke’, ‘Hear Me Clearly’ and the Jay-Z-assisted ‘Neck & Wrist’.

In a four-star review, NME’s Dhruva Balram said the album usurped the much-lauded ‘Daytona’ to add “another jewel in the long and storied career of the Virginia rapper.”

“Pusha T has managed to elevate his art to new heights, signalling that the artist is nowhere close to being done… it makes for an instant hip-hop classic,” Dhruva wrote.

Pusha T himself shares similar praise for ‘It’s Almost Dry’, yesterday (June 6) declaring it as the “rap album of the motherfucking year” to a crowd at the Novo in Los Angeles. Earlier, when fronting the cover of NME in May, Pusha T was equally confident in relaying the artistry behind his latest album, saying he’d “won the wars”.

“When it’s innovative, when it’s honest, when it’s true, when it’s impactful, you’re gonna come under scrutiny. I’m cool with that. I can deal with the scrutiny, but you got to admit the greatness,” Pusha T said.

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