Respawn Entertainment has shared a new vignette trailer starring Mad Maggie, the next Legend to join the Apex Legends roster.

Today (February 3), Apex Legends fans have been given a much better look at Mad Maggie.

As Mad Maggie’s abilities have already been announced, the latest trailer shows what the warlord is capable of within the game.


This trailer demonstrates that Mad Maggie is a fast-moving Legend that thrives on getting as close to combat as possible. In action, Mad Maggie uses her passive and ultimate ability to move incredibly quickly, and her Riot Drill can flush people out of cover and shields, making it easy for her to catch enemy players off guard.

Speaking to press, Sam Gill – narrative lead at Respawn Entertainment – said that the team has wanted to implement Mad Maggie for a long time, and “fans helped manifest Maggie into the game” by creating fan art of her from her first appearance.

mad maggie art apex legends
Apex Legends. Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Gill added that Respawn Entertainment also wanted an opportunity to represent Māori culture in Apex Legends. “100million people in the world will hear Mad Maggie speak Māori,” said Gill, who added that Respawn worked with a Māori studio to get everything right. To that end, “Maggie’s base skin has a lot of cultural touchstones,” and will even have some Māori-influenced legendary skins.

Earlier in the week, several Apex Legends developers opened up about the new Control mode and some sweeping changes to Olympus. Game designer Mark Yampolsky said that Control would be a “playground” that can be used to “practice and reinforce core skills,” while level designer Alex Graner explained how the team has tried to spread out the important locations in Olympus.


In other news, Dying Light 2 is going to get a day one patch with over 1000 fixes.


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