Valve has released an update to developers that announced Easy Anti-Cheat is now compatible with Steam Deck software.

A post from Valve provides details of the support and should allow many games to be supported on the Steam Deck with minimal input from the developers.

“Our team has been working with Epic on Easy Anti-Cheat + Proton support over the last few months, and we’re happy to announce that adding Steam Deck support to your existing EAC games is now a simple process, and doesn’t require updating game binaries, SDK versions, or integration of EOS. Alongside our BattlEye updates from last year, this means that the two largest anti-cheat services are now easily supported on Proton and Steam Deck.”

Steam Deck playing Prey
Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

The post also includes a link for developers using BattlEye or Easy Anti-Cheat to follow, with documentation on how to enable Proton support (via PCGamesN).

“Related to this, we’re going to start submitting Deck Verified test data for tested titles that use anti-cheat middleware on Monday, January 24. As with all other Deck Verified reviews, when the test data is submitted you’ll receive an email notification and access to detailed Deck Verified data on the landing page for your game. Once this happens, you’ll have one week to choose to publish the test data as-is or submit a new build for review, after which the data will automatically publish.”

Recently a list of officially verified games for the Steam Deck was released. The list is curated by Valve and has strict criteria. Some games do not get the verification because of issues like small text.

In other news, a vulnerability in Dark Souls 3 has been discovered that could allow bad actors to execute code on another players PC. To combat the issue, all PvP servers on PC have been disabled by FromSoftware.



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