Fans are predicting a crossover appearance of characters from The Matrix in Fortnite in the wake of a curiously phrased promotional tweet.

The possible tease comes from The Game Awards‘ official Twitter account. While mainly pushing the latest trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, the tweet also promises “other EPIC announcements”.


The deliberate capitalisation of “EPIC” has many fans thinking it’s a coded reference to  Fortnite developer Epic Games and hints at characters such as Keanu Reeves’ Neo or Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity potentially appearing in the game.

A later tweet seems to throw cold water on the theory, though, pointing instead to the full reveal of The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience during the upcoming awards show. However, many are unconvinced, with replies and quote tweets of the original “EPIC” statement heavily interpreting the emphasis as a nod to the game.

If Neo or other characters from The Matrix appear in Fortnite, it might not be to actor Keanu Reeves’ liking. Although he has lent his appearance to games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and recently shown up in The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience – another piece of viral marketing for the upcoming movie – Reeves said in November that he didn’t want to see his characters Neo or John Wick appear in video game crossovers.

Although he was specifically commenting on the possibility of either character appearing in Mortal Kombat – prompting a mostly tongue-in-cheek response from that gaming series’ co-creator Ed Boon – Reeves’ reasoning that Neo and Wick wouldn’t show up there because they are “doing their own thing” would likely apply to Fortnite too.

While a Matrix event in Fortnite remains speculation at present, Epic Games has announced three new Christmassy skins for the game and one official crossover in the form of Spider-Man.


In other news, PS2 classic Ico is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a look back at its earliest iteration as a PS1 proof-of-concept, while Hidetaka Miyazaki has credited the game with his work on the Dark Souls series.


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