Nick Cave

In the latest instalment of his Red Hand Files series, Nick Cave has shared news that he is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Cave, 63, was responding to three separate questions in the 162nd issue of the Files. Patrick from San Francisco was asking after the late Hal Willner, the American composer who died in 2020 from COVID-19.

The two other letters – from Nicholas in Plainville and Sandra in Portland – both asked Cave vaccine-related questions. The former asked whether Cave would be taking the vaccine, while the latter asked about “Ivermectin as a prophylactic” against the disease.

“I had my second jab on 26th May, and I can now live in this embattled world knowing that if I catch COVID there is little chance of me dying from it,” Cave wrote.

“I feel privileged to live in an age where our scientists are able to develop a vaccine to help combat a pandemic, and to do it at such an astonishing speed.

“It feels to me that this is a momentous time in medical history.”

In regards to Ivermectin, Cave noted that he “know[s] little about this other than the evidence for its effectiveness appears speculative”.

Cave also spoke fondly of Willner, with whom he worked on as part of a T-Rex tribute album. Willner produced Cave’s cover of the song ‘Cosmic Dancer’. Willner also worked with Cave on the invitational Meltdown Festival in 1999.

“Hal Willner was a great man with a beautiful soul,” Cave wrote.

“His death was sudden and shocking and a deep blow to us all. If there had been a vaccine available at that time, Hal may still be alive today.

“I am looking forward to the time when the world emerges from its derangement and Hal’s friends can come together, in love, to pay tribute to this remarkable man – in the way that he himself did to many before him. I pray we won’t have to wait too long.”

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