Los Angeles duo Paris Texas have shared a new song called ‘Situations’ – listen below.

It marks the second-ever track from group – aka Louie Pastel and Felix – following on from their debut single ‘Heavy Metal’, which was released last month.

Hey now!/ These situations/ Situations/ Situations/ Hey now!/ Just keep your patience/ Just keep your patience/ Just keep your patience“, the chorus goes.


Later lyrics include: “Fill the tank, hit the road outta state/ Gotta blow, hit the switch, detonate/ I don’t got any time, time to waste/ Got the juice, no I don’t concentrate/ Argue with my family, that was day to day“.

[embedded content]

‘Situations’ arrives with an early ’00s video game-inspired visual by director and animator World4Jack, which begins with a white van being driven through a tunnel. Later, we see Paris Texas take a call from their garage before hitting the road once again.

Towards the end of the clip, there’s a Street Fighter-style face-off between Paris Texas and a demonic hooded skeleton.

“GTA: Paris Texas,” wrote one fan in the comments section. Another said: “Two songs in and y’all ahead of most.”


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